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A view of our flat

A view of our flat by tf_82
A view of our flat, a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

This photo may make the room appear larger than it actu­ally is. The bath­room is on the other side of the Picasso (paint­ing on the wall on right hand side). The walk in closet is oppo­site the bath­room. The shared kitchen and din­ing area is behind me. The loca­tion is pretty top notch, and the morn­ing com­mute is 25–35 mins by bus or 50 mins walking.

Amazing ruins on a friday afternoon

This tem­ple was one of the main Aztec tem­ples of Tenochti­t­lan, which is now Mex­ico city. This tem­ple is lit­er­ally smack down­town right in the cen­ter of all of the action. There are the ruins and a big museum full of arti­facts they found while exca­vat­ing the site. Really impres­sive to see. The best part, since we are stu­dents we got in for free!