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CEPE — A review of our Spanish course

A cou­ple of months before we left, Tim and I decided that we wanted to take a Span­ish class while we were abroad.  We researched a lot of dif­fer­ent schools in var­i­ous Latin coun­tries, but ulti­mately decided on the CEPE pro­gram offered at la UNAM in Mex­ico City.

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Bici Domingo

Bici Domingo by tf_82
Bici Domingo, a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

Mex­ico City has proved to be a great city to cycle in. Today the city closed 35 km of roads and ded­i­cated them for cycling. There must have been thou­sands of peo­ple in the street. The Gov­ern­ment does this on the last Sun­day of every month. I almost slept in after a late night out last night, but i make it out of bed in time to com­plete the circuit.

Bici Nocturno — Touring Mexico City’s Historical District at Night

It wasn’t a long ride in the cen­tral dis­trict, but it was beau­ti­ful. Not sure how often the city closes the streets for this, but I’m glad I got the chance to do this.

Mexico City Urban Cycling

Mexico City Urban Cycling by tf_82
Mex­ico City Urban Cycling, a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

Cycling in Mex­ico city is a newish sport, though at times it feels more like an extreme sport. Part of the rea­son why it hasn’t been so pop­u­lar is because it it viewed as more of a lower class activ­ity, but Pablo and Gabby are try­ing to change that.

They are part of a grow­ing move­ment of Chi­lan­cos (peo­ple from Mex­ico city) who cycle for plea­sure. In the last 3 years the Mayor has invested in bike lanes and a bike shar­ing pro­gram in some of the city’s nicest areas. All this is help­ing to curb the stereotype.

As well, Pablo and Gabby are teach­ing oth­ers how to urban cycle. Their goal is to pro­mote safer bike friendly roads as well as to make dri­vers more accus­tomed to cyclists, who are start­ing to hit the road in huge numbers.

How huge? If the Mayor has his way, five per­cent of Chi­lan­cos will be com­mut­ing by bike.

Next month Pablo and Gabby will be open­ing a bike tour­ing com­pany. Today Helene and I got a sneak peak of what their tours will be like while they took us on a 30 km tour of the city.

It’s Not Just Wrestling, It’s Lucha Libre

This event was prob­a­bly the most actioned packed and enter­tain­ment filled two hours of the trip. Words can­not express how hilar­i­ous this was.

Mexico’s Largest Carnaval: Veracruz

Carnaval Veracruz

When I heard that the sec­ond largest Car­naval after Rio de Janeiro was in Ver­acruz, a city five hours from Mex­ico City, I was all over it. Though I had never been to a Car­naval, I had heard that they are the best par­ties in the world, and I didn’t want to miss it.

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