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Worst Activity Ever: Anaconda Hunting

As you may imag­ine, when trav­el­ing on a long-term basis you are con­sis­tently fill­ing your days with incred­i­ble expe­ri­ences and cre­at­ing great new mem­o­ries.  Some­times, how­ever, you par­tic­i­pate in an activ­ity that is not only not enjoy­able but down­right hor­ri­ble.  This is the story of one such activity.


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The Bolivian Jungle and Pampas Featuring Dolphins, Anacondas and Tarantulas


After vis­it­ing the Ama­zon, I can say pink river dol­phins were cool, but they weren’t the main attrac­tion. I’m not say­ing this to under­play fresh water dol­phins (who knew they lived in rivers any­way?). Instead, I’d say that I’m blown away with how much there is the learn about this part of the world. Con­tinue read­ing

Mission Impossible: Getting to the Bolivian Jungle


After a few weeks of high alti­tude and cold weather, Tim con­vinced me that it was a good idea to go down to sea level to do a jun­gle tour, despite my fear of spi­ders and snakes. There are many options as start­ing points and we decided to try the clos­est one from Sucre, where we had been hang­ing out for the last few days. Our plan was sim­ple, we’d take a bus to Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia, and then from there we’d eas­ily be able to fig­ure it out.  Easy, it was not. Con­tinue read­ing

Cusco: Rich History, Delicious Peruvian Food

Got here late last night. We spent most of today accli­ma­tiz­ing (AKA using decent inter­net). Can’t wait to get to see what Cusco is all about.