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The Bulgaria Files: Part 1 — Sofia

Bul­garia itin­er­ary: Sofia (5 nights) -> Veliko Tarnovo (4 nights) -> Varna (5 nights)

Back­pack­ing route across Bulgaria

Tim and I found our­selves in a pecu­liar sit­u­a­tion at the end of July. We were in Greece, but it was get­ting expen­sive, and the heat had defeated us. We wanted to go to Turkey, but wanted to avoid trav­el­ing in a Mus­lim coun­try dur­ing Ramadan. So, where could we go in the mean­time? Con­tinue read­ing

Backpacking From One Side of Greece to the Other

Greece Itin­er­ary: Corfu (11 days) -> Athens (5 days)-> Mete­ora (2 days)-> Thes­sa­loniki (2 days)

Acrop­o­lis theater

When we were faced with the deci­sion to either go to Alba­nia or stay in Greece, we decided to stay in Greece. There must have been some­thing in the air on Corfu island because we weren’t ready to leave yet. Con­tinue read­ing