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Helene’s Guide to Istanbul

Turkey Itin­er­ary: Istan­bul (8 days) -> Pam­mukale (3 days) -> Olu­d­eniz (4 days) ->
Olym­pos (6 days) -> Antalya (3 nights) -> Konya (3 days) -> Goreme (7 days) -> Amasya (3 days) -> Tra­b­zon (6 days) -> Erzu­rum (2 days) -> Kars (2 days) -> Van (4 days) -> Dogubayazit (1day)

Get In: Bus from Varna  $30 Euros/person
Stay: Air BNB room $20 EURO/night

A view of the spec­tac­u­lar Hagia Sophia


Nor­mally I like to tell a story about each city we visit, but recount­ing the 8 days we spent in Istan­bul day by day would be nearly impos­si­ble.  There are 2 rea­sons for this: firstly we were there nearly two and a half months ago (we’ve been really busy lately!) and sec­ondly because Istan­bul was jammed packed with activ­i­ties.   With­out fur­ther ado, I present to you my tips/tidbits to enjoy­ing Istan­bul and Turkey in general.

Look­ing mis­chie­vous in the Blue Mosque

The stun­ning inte­rior of the Blue Mosque

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We Reached Everest Base Camp!

We Reached Everest Base Camp! by tf_82
We Reached Ever­est Base Camp!, a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

On day 9 of 13 on our trek we reached 5335 metres. The sub zero nightly sleeps were worth the spec­tac­u­lar views. One more day of hik­ing to go until we catch a flight back to Kath­mandu. Stay tuned.