Backpacking From One Side of Greece to the Other

Greece Itin­er­ary: Corfu (11 days) -> Athens (5 days)-> Mete­ora (2 days)-> Thes­sa­loniki (2 days)

Mete­ora: Monas­ter­ies Built in the Most Incon­ve­nient Places

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Holy Monastery of Varlaam

The Appeal

Some of the old­est east­ern ortho­dox monas­ter­ies were built on top of nat­ural sand­stone pil­lars. The set­ting is breath­tak­ing and was a fan­tas­tic excuse to test out my new cam­era lens, the Pana­sonic 20, 1.7.

Vil­lage of Kastraki

Vil­lage of Kalambaka

Get in

29 Euros each. 5 hours by local bus from Athens. Bus departs from Ter­mi­nal B, at Lios­sion Street, a 10 minute walk from Kato Patis­sia metro. We had to switch buses in Trikala, which is about 30 min­utes away from Mete­ora.  The bus dropped us in Kalam­baka, where there are lots of places to stay. We took a 4 Euro cab to Kas­traki, a quiet moun­tain set village.

Where to stay

25 Euros a night. We stayed at Blout­sos bed and break­fast in Kas­traki. I have fond mem­o­ries of writ­ing my last Mex­ico blog post there in a sur­real set­ting with moun­tains all around us. If you pre­fer more action, you may want to stay in Kalam­baka, which is a proper town.

Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron

It’s Tim.

World War 2 art inside the museum at Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron

Close up of the Holy Monastery of Varlaam


We didn’t visit the area for very long, but we had the good for­tune of vis­it­ing two of six monas­ter­ies.  Sadly, we ran out of time before we could visit the Theope­tra caves where they have found evi­dence of inhab­i­tance dat­ing back from between 50,000 and 5,000 years ago,

Eat a beau­ti­ful Moun­tain set din­ner in a set­ting unlike no other.  We enjoyed some great hos­pi­tal­ity at the Tav­erna just across the street from our sleep­ing quar­ters. The nice fam­ily run restau­rant made us some deli­cious food, and offered a round of Ouzo on the house.

Visit the Holy Monastery of Great Mete­oron, which is the largest of the monas­ter­ies and was was erected in the mid-14th cen­tury.  It was easy to get to.  We waved down a bus early in the morn­ing and got there for a cou­ple Euros.

The Holy Monastery of Var­laam was also quite inter­est­ing, though we had the mis­for­tune of arriv­ing at the same time as two tour buses, so it’s hard to say the expe­ri­ence was serene.  There was great photo oppor­tu­ni­ties up there, though.

Pho­tos of Meteora:


Night shot of the moun­tains with my new cam­era lens, the Pana­sonic 20, 1.7


Just imag­ine it’s your job to build the monastery up there.


Murals inside the Greek ortho­dox church

Inside the Monastery’s wine mak­ing room

Wine mak­ing equipment


Skulls of old monks who lived in the monastery

Beau­ti­ful Meteora

Next stop: Thessaloniki…

Greece Itin­er­ary: Corfu (11 days) -> Athens (5 days)-> Mete­ora (2 days)-> Thes­sa­loniki (2 days)

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