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Worst Activity Ever: Anaconda Hunting

As you may imag­ine, when trav­el­ing on a long-term basis you are con­sis­tently fill­ing your days with incred­i­ble expe­ri­ences and cre­at­ing great new mem­o­ries.  Some­times, how­ever, you par­tic­i­pate in an activ­ity that is not only not enjoy­able but down­right hor­ri­ble.  This is the story of one such activity.


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The Bolivian Jungle and Pampas Featuring Dolphins, Anacondas and Tarantulas


After vis­it­ing the Ama­zon, I can say pink river dol­phins were cool, but they weren’t the main attrac­tion. I’m not say­ing this to under­play fresh water dol­phins (who knew they lived in rivers any­way?). Instead, I’d say that I’m blown away with how much there is the learn about this part of the world. Con­tinue read­ing

Mission Impossible: Getting to the Bolivian Jungle


After a few weeks of high alti­tude and cold weather, Tim con­vinced me that it was a good idea to go down to sea level to do a jun­gle tour, despite my fear of spi­ders and snakes. There are many options as start­ing points and we decided to try the clos­est one from Sucre, where we had been hang­ing out for the last few days. Our plan was sim­ple, we’d take a bus to Santa Cruz, the largest city in Bolivia, and then from there we’d eas­ily be able to fig­ure it out.  Easy, it was not. Con­tinue read­ing

Salar de Uyuni, Part 2


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On our sec­ond day, we drove. Nearly every fif­teen min­utes there was a dif­fer­ent post­card view in front of us.  Sur­round­ing the salt dessert were moun­tains and vol­ca­noes, includ­ing some active ones.  There was the odd vicuña along the side of the road. We saw herds of llama, and let’s not for­get the stray dogs.  The high­light on day two was the flamin­gos.  I’m not sure why Con­tinue read­ing

Salar de Uyuni, Part 1

O Canada

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Billed as the quin­tes­sen­tial tourist activ­ity for most trav­ellers going through Bolivia, the salt flats were about all we knew of Bolivia a cou­ple months ago.  Of course, after almost a month here we’ve seen and learned a whole lot, but the salt flats con­tinue to be one of the high­lights so far and here’s why.

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Another Day, Another Protest.

Another Day, Another Protest. by tf_82
Another Day, Another Protest., a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

Democ­racy is healthy in Bolivia. In vir­tu­ally every city that we have vis­ited there has been a protest. In the city of Trinidad, cap­i­tal of Beni Depart­ment, folks were cam­paign­ing for basic ser­vices such as access to water for the poor.

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle by tf_82
Wel­come to the Jun­gle, a photo by tf_82 on Flickr.

I had been lob­by­ing Helene to do a jun­gle tour for 30 days and it was only after we met Annie and Stephen when Helene agreed to go on the tour. You see, Annie and Helene both share the same pho­bia of spiders.

Luck­ily, we saw this lit­tle guy about an hour after and not before Helene agreed to accom­pany Annie on a jun­gle tour.