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One Month Backpacking Route Through Mexico

When we left Mex­ico City at the end of Feb­ru­ary for Peru after study­ing Span­ish for two months, we had agreed that we would one day return to Mex­ico to explore the rest of the coun­try. That day came much ear­lier than expected.

In one of her great tricks to get cheap flights, Helene booked a round trip from Mex­ico City to Lima, all the while not intend­ing to ever use the return leg. But after find­ing a remark­ably cheap ticket from Can­cun to Madrid for $166 through Pull­man­tur Air, we decided to put that return ticket to good use.

The route

The route, 30 days through Mexico.

Guadala­jara -> Tequila -> Puebla -> Oax­aca City -> Puerto Escon­dito -> San Cristo­bol -> Palenque -> Playa del Carmen