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Tim and Helene‘s Excellent Inca Adventure


Tim and I returned to Peru, ready and excited to go and explore Machu Pic­chu.  We had been sav­ing the city of Cusco as a sort of grand finale to our time in South Amer­ica.  We arrived really late after an inter­minable bus ride from hell from La Paz, and took the fol­low­ing day to rest up and relax before we made our plans to visit the noto­ri­ous Inca ruins, Machu Pichu.  We def­i­nitely didn’t expect that we we’re both about to get sick and take turns being bedrid­den for the next week.  For­tu­nately it was noth­ing seri­ous, and once we we’re feel­ing bet­ter, we knew that sim­ply vis­it­ing Machu Pic­chu by bus wasn’t going to be enough. We needed a lit­tle bit of an adven­ture to get there, so we booked a 4 day/3 night Inca Jun­gle trek.

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Cusco: Rich History, Delicious Peruvian Food

Got here late last night. We spent most of today accli­ma­tiz­ing (AKA using decent inter­net). Can’t wait to get to see what Cusco is all about.

A journey around Lake Titicaca

Tim and I arrived in Puno, Peru late one evening a cou­ple weeks ago.  The sun was set­ting as we approached the city and we were offered our first glimpse of the beau­ti­ful Lake Tit­i­caca from the top of the hills which sur­round the city.
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