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What is this section all about?

When we set out on a trip around the world, we thought that it would be interesting to travel for a year and visit only twelve countries, essentially spending a month in each country. The idea behind this was to really get to know the culture of one country rather than see and do everything while remembering nothing.


Eight months later, we’ve already visited twelve countries, that is unless you consider Europe one country, in which case we have visited five countries.  As much as we wanted to stick to the original vision, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.


Developing a travel itinerary is oftentimes one of the best parts of traveling, but it is hugely time consuming.  Lucky for me, Helene was a travel agent and she is really good at finding good deals on everything.  For a more exhaustive list of all your options, try visiting Wikivoyage, but for a list of our top choices, read on below.  It is our itineraries, transport costs, lodging costs, and highlights from each city we’ve visited.

Visiting the Turkish Beaches

There comes a time when everyone’s travel blog falls embar­rass­ingly behind. I’m afraid is almost three months (maybe more?) behind. It’s not all bad, though, because there is some good news for our Cana­dian read­ers who, I under­stand, are knee high deep in snow already. Today we will be talk­ing about our visit to the beach(es).

In a coun­try where peo­ple say it is becom­ing more Mus­lim by the day, the last thing that comes to mind is lib­eral beaches.  But, Turkey’s beaches are famous for tiny biki­nis, drink­ing, and, well, for being very Euro­pean. Con­tinue read­ing

The Bulgaria Files: Part 1 — Sofia

Bul­garia itin­er­ary: Sofia (5 nights) -> Veliko Tarnovo (4 nights) -> Varna (5 nights)

Back­pack­ing route across Bulgaria

Tim and I found our­selves in a pecu­liar sit­u­a­tion at the end of July. We were in Greece, but it was get­ting expen­sive, and the heat had defeated us. We wanted to go to Turkey, but wanted to avoid trav­el­ing in a Mus­lim coun­try dur­ing Ramadan. So, where could we go in the mean­time? Con­tinue read­ing

Backpacking From One Side of Greece to the Other

Greece Itin­er­ary: Corfu (11 days) -> Athens (5 days)-> Mete­ora (2 days)-> Thes­sa­loniki (2 days)

Acrop­o­lis theater

When we were faced with the deci­sion to either go to Alba­nia or stay in Greece, we decided to stay in Greece. There must have been some­thing in the air on Corfu island because we weren’t ready to leave yet. Con­tinue read­ing

Flash Through Western Europe: Fun, Family, and Friends

Two months ago, Tim and I wrapped up our Latin Amer­ica leg of the jour­ney and set off to con­quer West­ern Europe in what was to be a lovely three week jaunt through some of the major cities between Madrid and Berlin before head­ing to our planned des­ti­na­tion of Greece.  We met loads of peo­ple, caught up with fam­ily and friends, and most of all, got to expe­ri­ence the ubiq­ui­tous “Eurotrip” in high sea­son summer.

Flights and accom­mo­da­tion, as we found out, can be much more expen­sive than it needs to be if not planned in advance. So, as much as pos­si­ble we came up with an itin­er­ary and travel route:


Madrid (2 nights) -> Paris (5 nights) -> Bel­gium (3 nights) -> Ams­ter­dam (4 nights) -> Berlin (2 nights)

One Month Backpacking Route Through Mexico

When we left Mex­ico City at the end of Feb­ru­ary for Peru after study­ing Span­ish for two months, we had agreed that we would one day return to Mex­ico to explore the rest of the coun­try. That day came much ear­lier than expected.

In one of her great tricks to get cheap flights, Helene booked a round trip from Mex­ico City to Lima, all the while not intend­ing to ever use the return leg. But after find­ing a remark­ably cheap ticket from Can­cun to Madrid for $166 through Pull­man­tur Air, we decided to put that return ticket to good use.

The route

The route, 30 days through Mexico.

Guadala­jara -> Tequila -> Puebla -> Oax­aca City -> Puerto Escon­dito -> San Cristo­bol -> Palenque -> Playa del Carmen