Flash Through Western Europe: Fun, Family, and Friends

Madrid (2 nights) -> Paris (5 nights) -> Bel­gium (3 nights) -> Ams­ter­dam (4 nights) -> Berlin (2 nights)

Madrid: Food and more food!

Tapas and wine

Our time in Madrid was lim­ited to only 2 days as we lost one day being stuck in Can­cun in a 5 star resort.  Once we arrived, we made our way to meet Juan, our fab­u­lous couch­surf­ing host, who let us stay in his sweet cen­trally located apart­ment. Despite our jet-lag, we imme­di­ately headed to the down­town area to make the most of our time.  It was really inter­est­ing to expe­ri­ence, as we had just come from a part of the world so heav­ily influ­enced by Spain. After hav­ing spent 5 months in Latin Amer­ica, Madrid‘s build­ings and archi­tec­ture gave us a strong sense of familiarity.

IMG_4314An evening stroll through Madrid

IMG_4292Plaza Mayor

Later, we met up with Juan and he gave us a walk­ing tour, brought us to a local tapas joint, and then to a restau­rant where we ate some of the best squid I’ve ever tasted. The next day we took a walk­ing tour of the sites of Madrid, and met up with Juan once again for din­ner at his place.  We had men­tioned to him that we were dying to try the famous ham we had heard so much about, and he put together a won­der­ful meal of deli­cious aged ham, manchego cheese, and other local spe­cial­ties — a din­ner that will not soon be for­got­ten.  The next morn­ing, we had time to walk around a lit­tle bit more and indulge in some last minute tapas.  I may have even indulged in some deli­cious wine and cheese at 10:00 AM before it was time to head back to the airport.

Pho­tos of Madrid:

IMG_4318Another beau­ti­ful building

IMG_4367The famous Iberico ham and aged Manchego cheese

IMG_4354The plaza in front of Madrid’s royal palace


IMG_4303Mar­ket of San Miguel, where locals and tourists alike shop

IMG_4294Walk­ing around Plaza Mayor

Next stop: Paris…

Madrid (2 nights) -> Paris (5 nights) -> Bel­gium (3 nights) -> Ams­ter­dam (4 nights) -> Berlin (2 nights)

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