Worst Activity Ever: Anaconda Hunting

As you may imag­ine, when trav­el­ing on a long-term basis you are con­sis­tently fill­ing your days with incred­i­ble expe­ri­ences and cre­at­ing great new mem­o­ries.  Some­times, how­ever, you par­tic­i­pate in an activ­ity that is not only not enjoy­able but down­right hor­ri­ble.  This is the story of one such activity.


After hav­ing faced my fear of spi­ders in the jun­gle, I was feel­ing really proud of myself, so when our Pam­pas tour guide told us we were going to be going ana­conda hunt­ing (don’t worry this does not involve killing snakes, just find­ing one) after break­fast one day, I decided to join in on the fun, despite every instinct telling me to do otherwise.

It all starts with putting on a pair of rub­ber boots at the lodge.  I was hav­ing trou­ble find­ing a pair my size with­out holes in them and when I asked the guide about it he told me not to worry about holes.

The boots are to pro­tect you from snake bites, not to pro­tect you from water”, the guide said.

This was not really com­fort­ing news.   I put on my boots and got into the boat which would take us to a swampy marsh.

Within my first steps in the water, my feet were soaked.  The guide told us to spread out and walk around and yell out if we found a snake.  Tim knew in advance that he wasn’t allowed to let go of my hand.   We walked through the marsh, my feet con­stantly get­ting stuck in the quicksand-like mud, bat­tling prickly branches and swarms of relent­less mos­qui­toes.  All of course topped with the impend­ing threat of snakes, includ­ing cobras, swim­ming at my feet.  The water was so muddy that you couldn’t see more than an inch or two deep and it smelled like manure.


As we walked around look­ing for ana­con­das, I kept pray­ing that we wouldn’t see one even though I knew that was the whole point of being there.  The water was get­ting deeper and deeper and at one point the water was up to our thighs.  After two hours, we took refuge with the rest of the group in a lit­tle for­est full of cows while the guides searched every tree for snakes, but to no avail.  My prayers were answered; no snakes were seen by any­one on that trip.

We trekked back through the swampy water all the way back to the boat.  Every­one in our group agreed that it had not been a very pleas­ant morn­ing and we all just wanted to go back to the lodge and get out of our wet and filthy clothes.

Later in the day while we were piranha fish­ing, a guide yelled out that he had found an ana­conda in a tree.  The group got excited and we went off in the boat to go find it. This time how­ever, I hap­pily stayed on the boat and waited while every­one took pictures.


A few weeks later I spoke with a girl who told me that on her hunt­ing trip an alli­ga­tor had showed up and snapped at her while she was walk­ing through the marsh.  She con­curred with me that it is indeed that worst activ­ity ever.

6 thoughts on “Worst Activity Ever: Anaconda Hunting

  1. Manoelle

    Hélène I almost did not rec­og­nize you with this pic­ture. What a messy and scary expe­ri­ence. Good pic­tures too.

  2. shannon

    OMG Helene, you come home right now ! NO SNAKES ALLOWED and that you went look­ing for them is the crazy part!! LOL

  3. Alex

    Helene you are an excel­lent writer. Your lament was sculpted with pre­ci­sion. A truly enjoy­able read.

  4. Jean

    Even though your activ­ity wasn’t the most fun, I’m still super envi­ous of the life expe­ri­ences you’re hav­ing. Keep posting!


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